About MIT

MIT Property Consultants is a fresh, innovative, privately owned and family run property specialist, actively involved in the high-value inner London property market.

Our clients expect effective, intelligent and unbiased property advice and counsel. It is our consistency in meeting these demands which successfully distinguishes us from others.

At MIT Property Consultants, we provide more than a one-off transaction service for the sale or rental of your property. We offer a one-to-one boutique service, tailor-made to provide for all details of your circumstances and your aspirations.

We are an independent, local business, and our service is truly specialised, with a deep, specified understanding of a unique property sector and the highest standards of one-to-one client care. Using our extensive and varied knowledge, we consider all aspects of the fast changing property market and strive to attain the best arrangements for you. We offer flexible and competitive fees and commission structures. With many years of experience, very few others will be able to match what we can offer.

Looking to buy or rent a property?
At MIT Property Consultants, we do not stop at facilitating your property search. We are experts on all property issues, with a wide range of exclusive properties and contacts to hand.

Unlike large, broadly based estate agents, we offer a specialised one-to-one consultancy service. We are active in the most select, high-value areas of inner London, and we cater to a small group of distinctive clients. Our service is carefully personalised and dedicated to finding the perfect property to suit your specific needs.We dedicate our resources to the handling of all aspects of your property purchase or rental, including negotiations with sellers or landlords which are conducted on your behalf, and management of the purchase or lease agreement.



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